Friday, January 2, 2009

N00 Year Res0luti0nzZzZ

Ignoring the fruitlessness of every 1 in 1.5 people (or 2 in 3, whichever way you want to have it) making a list of n00 year res0luti0ns, here's mine :

Get in shape - Lose fat and gain muscle

Take coursework seriously and make a conscious effort to learn something from it (afterall, if it were as useless as some 'enlightened' minds proclaim it to be, they wouldn't be teaching those courses. There must be SOME benefit that should accrue to you at some point thanks to that course.. so)

Get better grades

Become a better musician, practice more guitar, listen to more music, start learning theory

Coax my parents to get me a private internet connection at college

Travel and explore more of Goa/Maharashtra/K'taka

Try out new kinds of food and cuisines

Start playing Cricket again

Drink more often

Watch more movies and documentaries

Be a better momma's boy