Friday, June 13, 2008

"Home alone for 17 days" & life since the vacation began

The first reaction triggered by my facebook status (ie "Home alone for 17 days") was on the lines of "Salla Madarchod", "Lucky bitch" and so on. Initially, I thought it would be fun. I would have the home all to myself, and most importantly the freedom to do whatever I wanted to at any point of time.

Actually, the main reason why I insisted on staying at home while my family went abroad was the possibility of *gasp* daaru parties at home :P.

Ofcourse, the drawbacks would be that I would have to watch over the maidservants (which is a pain the in the ass considering the levels of laziness I have attained) and cook (yes! i cook too! for further details, read ahead). Mommy dearest did her bit by cooking lots and lots of food which is currently lying in the freezer. 1 container contains...guess what.... BUTTER FUCKIN' CHICKEN!

It has been a few days since I've been living alone at home; If you took away the TV, the computer and the telephone, it would feel like solitary confinement. I thank the wonderful people broadcasting the Discovery/Nat Geo/History Channels, and of course, the people producing spectacular shows like 'Modern Marvels', 'Future Weapons', 'Naked Science', 'Is it real?', etc running on those channels for making my life a lot better. Apart from that, I've been downloading a lot of stuff (music and documentaries), listening to lots of \M/etchul, practicing playing guitar (very little though) and playing cricket. All in all life is a lot different from what it was back on campus. However, I'd rather be on campus. Human company is essential for life to have a meaning. (I do write profound philosophical shite at times).

Surprisingly, I've been waking up every morning at 9 am without fail, which is no mean feat considering my past track record.

Cooking involves frying 2-4 eggs in the morning, opening cans of tuna fish, toasting bread, boiling milk, mixing horlicks and putting chocos in it, cooking dal and rice from scratch (at times), heating the awesome food mom has stored in the freezer for me, cooking maggi (very rarely compared to BITS).

Why the inactivity, you would ask.
1) I am too lazy to go out.
2) When I think of going out, it starts raining. If it is not raining, too much energy from the fusion reactions in the star of our solar system prevents me from going out.
3) Autos in Delhi are too expensive for me (at least while my parents are away).
4) Taking buses to venture out to have 'fun' != fun, since procrastinating at home>>>>>having fun outside, which in turn is due to the work involved in traveling around Delhi/Neeooddda (read : Noida) Laziness prevails!
5) All my friends are not free on the same day for a daaru party. (boy there ARE people on this planet who are lazier than me)

Actually, everything boils down to my immobility, which in turn is due to lack of a vital skill - that of being able to drive confidently on NCR roads. Meri bahut phatti hai (it's hard to get out the hindi pronunciation using the English alphabet at times) Every time I travel in Delhi, I wonder how I will reach my destination alive. I wonder how Delhi drivers manage not to have accidents in each and every journey of theirs (I am not new to the city, I have been living here for 5 years now, if you do not count the 8-9 months in Goa). There has not even been ONE journey in Delhi which lacked a oh-my-fucking-god-i-am-closing-my-eyes-and-cringing-because-i-think
-my-vehicle-will-bang-into-a cow/car/truck/dog/human

Being perpetually broke does not help either!

Surprisingly, I haven't used my 500 Gb hard disk for the intended purpose yet - That of having enough TV series, movies and other assorted material (NO NOT WHAT YOU ARE THINKING :P) for the vacation. I've seen only 3 documentaries and all episodes of a really funny british sitcom - 'The IT crowd' (it has nothing to do with India or Indians) up till now (25 days). I don't know what the issue is - I thought I was indifferent to stuff like studies. Throughout my vacation, I have been indifferent to almost everything I had planned (and liked) - Practicing Guitar, Learning Music Theory, Working Out, Watching lots of movies and TV series, Going out and having fun. Err, so I'll sum it up in one line - I have wasted almost half of my vacation.

And no, learning any programming language wouldn't have changed that opinion. I fancy doing stuff I like, not what the whole world is doing, or what will help me with my 'career'. In any case, I'm not getting Comp Sci, EEE or EnI as a dual, so what's the point in learning programming languages? I'm not so hardcore about my academic interests (if something like that exists)...

I have picked up the habit of reading books. I regret not having inculcated this habit previously. Reading good books is probably the most constructive thing a lazy person can do. Almost no effort required!

I've been indulging in a lot of 'life planning' - a fancy name for long term planning. Identifying interests, pursuing them, compiling to-download/read-lists, to-do-before-you-die lists and stuff like that. I'll share some of that here.

I've always been fascinated by aviation. I want to learn how to fly aircrafts, and own one before I die. The other day, I stumbled upon a website which looked like ebay for aircrafts! You could buy 2 seater cessna's for 100-200K $. That made me happy. If I ever make that much money, I should be able to get one of those :D. Also, there are aircrafts which can be mounted onto road vehicles - they take off from the roof of your car. How metchul is that? I love being airborne.

Other positive short-term realistic outcomes of 'life planning' are - A trip to Himachal Pradesh before I get back to Goa (anybody interested in tagging along should let me know ASAP), a list of places to eat in the NCR before I get back to Goa (if any of you are treating, let me know ASAP), some adventure sports and trips to amusement parks/go karting circuits (i'm already looking at my wallet), shopping for metchul t shirts...

The only problem seems to be that very little of the 'life plan' seems to be implemented, be it academic/'intellectual' stuff or fun stuff like getting drunk.

I've also run out of money. I have 20 bucks left in my wallet, and the ATM is not working... Grr....


shalinilahiri said...

Exactly how my holiday has been going. And Yay, I got a mention in ze first post!

pallavi said...

hey..nice post
i still think u are least u aren't being bugged by a younger bro all the tym.
even my plannings for vacations hv gone down the drain. i m being as lazy as i can possibly be these days.