Friday, June 13, 2008

Of relocational inflation & high calorific value of alcohol...

Inflation has driven up the prices of almost everything. However, the kind of inflation that has hit me the hardest is - Relocational Inflation - it is a misnomer because it barely has anything to do with what inflation technically is.

I had moved to Goa for a period of four years. Out of which, one has been spent. It has changed the way I live...

Incase you didn't figure it out yet - I'm talking about alcohol.

Alcohol has a very high calorific value, or so we were told. I never really gave a shit (because alcohol based fuels didn't have any effect on my life), until I moved back to Delhi for my vacation.

A bottle of beer costs 40 odd bucks in Goa. It costs 90 bucks here! Alcohol indeed has a high calorific value - it burns a huge fucking hole in my pocket. A relocational inflation of 125%.

Maybe goa's tourism department should adopt a new punchline - 'Shield yourself from relocational inflation - Go Goa!'


Akhil said...

actually, it's not inflation, Market forces have zero control in making the price 90 rupees here, It's all taxes :)

Good to see that you're observing :)

Gunner Galactico said...

a) Greatest.Blog Name. Ever
b)Pee Shagger ??PEE SHAGGER ?? #$@@#%$%@##$#@%

Gunner Galactico said...

Oh for fucks sake,in the first place,its sagar p ( and if you make a sea of pea joke,im going to be the executioner here)
And....why do you have a blog called "jck the pertian god"??

Gunner Galactico said...

Sweet.Make me a co-author,ill contribute.Dude,do me a favour and download ONE gnr concert plz.Fuckin torrents stopped working

RaSh said...

Woha! Another Blogger!! yoy!

Oh n poor chap.. next time stock some for your vacation :P

Keep Bloggin!

PS: Awesome Blog Name!! \m/